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We make sure your home is clean and in order.

A clean and orderly house is crucial in preserving the wellness of the elderly and individuals with disability. When the house is free of clutter, it gives off more space and allows proper ventilation. These factors contribute to elevating the mood of your loved ones. Furthermore, a well-arranged house becomes a safe place for them. Where safety, privacy, and conduciveness are achieved, that’s when we know we did our housekeeping job.

Our hassle-free housekeeping services ensure that your houses are well-maintained for the safety and welfare of your loved ones. This is essential to prevent infections and accidents.

Housekeeping services at Escort Home Care include but are not limited to:

  • Home modification
  • Dusting, sweeping vacuuming
  • Dish care
  • Bed care
  • Waste management
  • Room care
  • Supplies management
  • And more

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